Certificate of compatibility for motor replacement Renault 5 Campus

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Dear all,

I drive Renault 5 Campus from 1991 and the motor is replaced. It was originaly the 1.6 l dizel and it was replaced with 1.1 l petrol engine also coming from another R5 Campus.

In Serbia, where I come from, the serial of the motor is written in the vehicle registration certificate. In order to change it I need manufacturer’s certificate of compatibility that will say that 1.1 l petrol engine with serial C1EG7/…. can be built in the chaise serial number VF1B404…..

Official representative in Serbia is Renault Serbia company and they give out such certificate and charge 100 EUR for it.

When I asked them they told me that they cannot give me the certificate because  the data base for all vehicle older then 2001 is erased and so they can not do anything.

When I asked government body  “Agency for traffic safety” what to do, they told me to address to the manufacturer directly otherwise they can’t do nothing. That means sorry but you can trough your car to the garbage.

Regarding the official representative, I can’t believe what are they saying. It is like everything Renault has built before 2001 doesn’t exist. What happens with old-timers? I just can’t believe that a factory with Renault’s reputation and history cannot confirm if the motor it has built can fit the caroserie it has also built.

Can anyone give me an answer to whom I can write to get this confirmation that one kotor from R5 Campus can fit another shell of R5 Campus?

Best regards,

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