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I bought a used 2017 Renault Clio a few weeks ago but I haven’t received any information about the recent update. I’ve only discovered that it is needed today when trying to google why my clock is no longer working. Where would I find information about this?


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You can find all information on the site Renault EASY CONNECT:

Here are the system update procedure for R-LINK

On your computer: 

  1. Go to Renault EASY CONNECT and enter the VIN of your vehicle to confirm if it qualifies for the update and to unlock the button to download the software.  
  1. Download the update file to your computer. 
  1. Unzip and copy the update file to the root of an empty USB. 

In your car: 

Note: Let the SD card present in the vehicle in its slot during whole procedure. 

2. Start the engine and check that your R-LINK system is on. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t turn off your R-LINK / R-LINK Evolution system. Leave your vehicle stationary with the engine running for the duration of the installation operation. 

2. Insert the key into the USB port of your vehicle and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Note: Please respect the order. The USB stick will not be detected by the R-LINK if it is inserted before the vehicle engine is started. 

The installation may take up to 20 minutes. For safety reasons it is preferable to do it when the car parked. 

3. When download of the software in the car is completed, TomTom logo appears on screen:

  • Stop the engine
  • Leave your vehicle and lock the doors (for electric vehicles: charging cable must be unplugged) until R-LINK shut down

Note: We advise you to update your RLINK system at the end of the day when you don’t need your vehicle anymore, as this last step car last up to 40 min. 

 If you have a vehicle with a hands-free key, you must move away from the vehicle 

  4. At next start of the vehicle, the update will be completed, and the system will be operational, as soon as GPS signal will be found

 5. Once the system has restarted, BEFORE removing the USB stick, check the software version by following these steps:  

  • Click on “System”; 
  • Go to the 2nd page; 
  • Click on “Status and Information”; 
  • Click “Version Information”. Under the reference, “Application” you should have version 11.344.306.4886-8056 

 6. You can remove the USB key at the end of the procedure. Your vehicle is now updated. 



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