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I am  unable to Activate Onboard Connectivity – the CONNECT button is greyed out.

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Same Problem as I had.

First – we are talking only about Onboard Connectivity – with your smartphone….

When I update again all my data
1. Put your new USB stick (16GB) in USB car entrance with opened R-Link (opened radio…) and wait for at least 2 minutes, rather more. Suggest to have car motor running.

2. When USB stick is synchronized, open account on R-Link Store and download application for your computer (Windows or MAC). Update and transfer application data.

3. Turn on again your car motor for at least 30 min, open R-Link (radio…), put the USB Stick in car usb entrance and wait till all apps are transfered to R-Link. Do not anything, including turn off your car motor for 30 min at least; rather more.

4. Wait for 72 hours.

In my case it worked, but still have the problem with Error: Connectivity can not be activated for technical reasons.

It is connected and I can use the features but not 100%.

Will try again with update of digital package.