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Just bought a brand new Kadjar and picked it up Monday and we are having issues with the digital radio inside.

Put on a station like Heart for instance and within 30-40seconds, the radio stops playing and says No Signal on the display for around a minute and then pops back into life. Even when the car is stationary.

I have had cars with digital radios in previously, and I have never had any issues regarding signal loss.

Googling the issue, notice lots of people have had the same issue and there are a few videos on YouTube showing the problem like I am having which are years old.

Is there a fix to this, as this isn’t really fit for purpose.

Here is a link for just one of the videos found: https://youtu.be/Kway6-gbtlg

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Hi, did you ever find a solution for this. Mine has done it since day 1 been in the Renault 4 times now but today when I collected it they tell me. They know of no solution for it. It is driving me berserk to the put I want to smash it 😭😭 24k car and cant listen to radio for even one whole song !!!

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Following this as I am having the same issue with the better halves Kadjar.  I updated to however there is no noticeable difference, this update does look to be a couple of years old and I dont know if any other updates can ever be expected but I will keep on looking to resolve this and share here if i find anything of use.

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