Engine Sound Effect issue

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I bought a Megane GT tce 205 EDC at the end of 2017…
I love the car, but I’ve always been annoyed with the fact that the Engine Sound Effect (when activating Sport Mode) doesn’t work. Never did.
It simply does not make any extra sound effect, it stays exactly the same.
My dealer here never made an effort to pressure Renault to resolve the issue, and I’ve also had an issue registry created in the R-Link helpline here in Portugal… but the only thing they’ve told me was that this was a known issue, and they were working on its correction.
After that, I’ve upgraded my R-Link 2 system to version… but it remained the same, it doesn’t work.
Has anyone here have or had the same problem?

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I wish you a Happy New Year!

As for your issue, it’s dificult to solve this kind of problems here, on the Forum. Do not hesitate to contact the Help if you have further questions.

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