iPhone 11 Pro Bluetooth Media Issues

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I recently purchased the iPhone 11 Pro and have been unable to play any media from my phone since getting it.

iPhone is running iOS 13.2 (upgraded 2 days ago).

Yesterday, I upgraded my R-Link 2 (Renault Megane IV 2017) to version

I have tried removing all devices and re-connecting. I have tried allowing contacts to sync. I have tried not allowing contacts to sync (this was recommended by a different website).

But no matter what I do, I cannot seem to play media from my phone. Bluetooth calls seem to not be an issue, it is just trying to play music that simply will not work. While connected to the R-Link 2 via bluetooth, in the app that I am using (YouTube Music), as soon as I press play, the song just pauses. Also, on the R-Link 2 itself, “iPod” does not became available when cycling through the different media options. I have checked, and media is enabled in the bluetooth details for the device.

Please, any suggestions would be welcome and I am getting increasingly frustrated.

Would a Renault dealership be able to enable Apple CarPlay perhaps? Would this be a possible alternative?

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I had the same issue and just fixed it.

Simply just buy a song via Itunes and the car will feel that you have songs on your iPhone and Spotify and everything els will start working.

Found the answer here after updating my phone, the car and trying several ways and it still didnt want to work..


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The link you posted was 100% accurate, thank you very much.
All I did in the end was transfer a single song into the Apple Music app, connected the BT, played the song, and now all of a sudden, everything works.