Is there anyway to factory reset the Carminat TomTom?


I recently bought a used Clio Dynamique and it has the Carminat TomTom. I needed to update it because I didnt know when the previous owner had updated. I took the SD card out, downloaded TomTom Home 2 on my computer, put the SD card into my computer and its coming up with an error when trying to update. I have spoken to someone, I emailed yesterday, got an email back this mornining, replied and didnt hear anything for a couple of hours so I spoke to someone on the chat section. They assured me my problem was being delt with and I’d recieve an email shortly (which funnily I received immediately after closing the chat). Its been a few hours since I replied to that email and I havent heard anything since. I believe I have an issue with the maps on the SD card, that something is wrong with the file. In the meantime I found a page to help with the error I have coming up and that involved formatting the SD card. Now the problem I’m having is this page only said to save the maps to my computer, nothing else. Never mentioned backing anything up. I’ve tried to put the voices and stuff back on the SD card but when I put it back in the car nothing is showing. I’ve lost everything but 2 basic voices, the start up image and the map (which is still not updated). Is there a way to get everything back on there? Or I have I just lost everything? Obviously as its the first time I’ve ever used it, I have no backups saved of anything.

Can someone please help?

Edited question