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Completed an Oceania Map update (V2018.12) via the toolbox.  Now the Megane RS navigation thinks every Red Light camera in Brisbane is a combined Red Light/Speed Camera and most fixed speed cameras are reported as average point to point ones ?

Also on navigation when I came to a simple T intersection controlled by traffic lights, rather than just direct me to turn right, it wanted me to turn left, drive 500 metres, then do a U turn and go back through the intersection ?

Can I revert to the prior version ?

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Hello Martin,

I contacted the engineer team to ask them your question. I’ll reach out to you as soon as I have any more news.


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Thanks so much for that Yann..


Hi Yann, has the engineering team come back to you yet ?

Also noticing that the map update (not only gets all the safety warnings wrong) but will show that at an intersection there are four (4) Red light/speed cameras ?

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