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i like to upgrade the maps in my Kadjar 1.5 diesel year 2016 ( I think that I have rlink 2)I wish to know from where I should download the upgrade and also I like to verify that the upgrade will support Hebrew.

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Please find below the procedure:

How to update my maps

To follow the process, you will need an USB key (empty & 8G minimum) and a computer with access to internet

•    Step 1: Fingerprint of your system – In your car
First, go to your car with your USB Key, switch on the engine and your R-LINK 2 system. Then insert your USB key in the USB port of your vehicle and wait for 2 minutes. You have made the fingerprint of your system.

•    Step 2: Downloading a new map – On your computer
Switch on your computer, go online and sign in to the R-LINK Store (please check the FAQ “how to access the R-LINK Store” if you need to). Do not insert your USB key at this point.

Once in the R-LINK Store, a pop-up window appears if updates are available (note: if no pop-up window appears, your map may be already up to date, you can still check if a new map is available in the update section). Select the item that you want to update and click on access the updates and then on update.

The R-LINK 2 toolbox will automatically appear on your computer and you can now insert your USB key. A list of available updates for your vehicle will be displayed on the R-LINK 2 toolbox. Then, click on download to USB key.
(Note: depending on the size of the maps and your internet connexion, the download may take time).

Once the download is over, you can remove safely your USB key.

•    Step 3: Installing the new map in your R-LINK 2 – In your car  

Go to your car with the USB key containing the new map. Switch on the engine & your R-LINK 2 screen.
Insert the USB Key and wait a few seconds for your R-LINK 2 to identify your USB key.
Then, R-LINK 2 will automatically propose you to install the new map downloaded on your USB key.
You just need to press “OK” and the installation process starts.
Note: Do not use your R-LINK 2 system and let your engine switched on during the installation operation.

A message will tell you when the installation is complete. Click on “OK” and you map is now updated.
You can benefit from the new map straight away.

As for Hebrew, I am not sure about this.

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