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I have a 2018 Koleos, and after a year of ownership and finding a bit more about the Rlink store while having its first scheduled service, I thought it would be good to update R-Link to the latest version and the Maps.

Took an imprint of the car on a FAT32 formatted 8GB USB drive, using I checked and selected the Rlink system update and maps updates, sychronized them and then using the R-Link 2 Toolbox downloaded the packages to the USB drive which took about an hour or so.

Then I took the USB drive to the car, started it up, inserted the USB drive, updates were detected and commenced installing.

After a couple of minutes an error message appeared (which I failed to photograph), something about a missing file in the Maps update/system.  I selected OK (only option, no abort or rollback option given) and the update then proceeded to update the RLink software, which it seemed to do successfully.

However, Navigation App is now broken, blank screen and occasionally an error appears “Missing or incomplete folder: /data/data/com.navngo.igo.javaclient/license” (as shown below).

I have tried to re-format the USB drive, re-image/impress it with the car ID, re-synchronise the Maps update and download to the USB…

However, when I insert the USB drive back in the car, it doesn’t detect anything to update.  I suspect the whole Navigation app is broken (due to missing java license folder/files I’m guessing).  Sadly I didn’t keep a copy of the original USB drive contents of my first upgrade attempt.

Is it possible to get the whole Navigation app product/package from somewhere?  Or is it built into RLink2 ?  Can I roll back RLink system to the previous version?   I don’t see any such options on the Store or in the Toolbox.  Looking in my store I have map services subscriptions until 2020.  At a bit of a loss now, Navigation is bricked.

I did a little test of the general updating/installing functionality by selecting the Calculator App from the store, and that seemed to install and is running in the car ok.

Oh, I tried a Factory Reset, hoping it would restore the original software/apps, but only seemed to restore settings.


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Update: Took the car to the Renault Dealer Service department, they couldn’t flash/reinstall the software. Stunned. Next step…replace the radio.

Dealer replaced the head unit and updated the software, all back to normal.


That pleased smile was on his lips again and his eyes at the updated maps from here. I wonder how they came up with a large server for this? How about for the free fire game map? Do you also have one for that?

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Did you ever find a solution how to roll back a map update on the R link2 ?

I recently did a map update on a 2019 Megane RS and it scrambled the safety warnings… (amongst other things)

Now it thinks,

# that every Red light camera is a combined Red light/speed camera and there’s 4 on every intersection ?

# every fixed speed camera is a point to point average one ?

# there’s school zones, even though no schools are there ?

I’ve had to turn everything off, because it’s constantly announcing the wrong thing.

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Dealer replaced the head unit and updated the software. I don’t recommend doing this stuff yourself, it’s a lottery.


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