Megane 2018 R-link V3 – Upgrade to V8


Hello All,

I have a 2018 Megan estate with a large screen r-link 2 on firmware version

I would really like to have this upgraded to V8 due to full screen CarPlay. From what I can tell the hardware in my Car is not version different that some of the V8 cars at the dealer.

Google has told me that at least to version 7 should be a no issue for a dealer: Actis solution n°49605.

That said my dealer has proven utterly useless in this regards and doesn’t get much further than redirecting me or their own staff to the easy connect website.

I am hoping someone from Renault will pipe in to my request and let me know how to get my dealer or any dealer nearby to upgrade my firmware.

As an IT’er by trade I am flabbergasted by how badly Renault handles branching and firmware updates. This should not be rocket science.

Thanks in advance.

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