Megane III – cable for brake caliper + missing DPF/FAP(?) hard particles filter or catalyzer

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Car model is Renault Megane III Grandtour 1.5 dCi, 2010. Market: Croatia, SE Europe. Euro 5 norm.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Brake test result shows weak rear breaking force. Service man tells me that it is not necessary to change rear disc brakes and linings, rather to install some cables/cords directly on brake calipers – this will apply to both foot and hand brakes. Also, to scrape the rust of the discs/linings by applying stronger braking force from time to time.
    • Q: What are those cables/cords, I’ve never heard for such car part on brake calipers?
    • Are those really effective instead of new discs and linings?
  2. By the sound of the motor, he also asks whether the DPF filter of hard particles or catalyzer had been removed from the engine? I am the second owner and never had problem with passing the eco-test.
    • Q: Is this model using DPF (dry) or FAP (wet filter) with catalyzer by default? Is it possible that it could be missing and car regularly passing the eco-test?
    • What could be the reasons for removing the DPF/FAP filter or catalyzer by the first owner – car had only 40.000 km by then?
    • Does the DPF/FAP filter require cleaning and after how much time / km ?


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