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Hello, I hope somebody can help me out here. I have a 2016 renault megane that I bought 2nd hand directly from a renault dealership in Belgium last year. For the first couple of months I had no issues with the data connection on R-Link 2.  Suddenly the system couldn’t connect to the network anymore which means my GPS and Coyote can’t get any live information, nor can I connect to the store from my car.

I’ve been to the garage to have my system checked and updated several times but unfortunately they can’t help me out. They keep telling me all seems fine and my R-Link is actived, they updated the software to the latest version ( and I got all the updates via the R-Link tool box and installed them successfully in the car.

On the internet I find lots of people with the same issue but unfortunately I can’t find the solution (tried the hard reset and reset several times, turned the data sharing on and off but nothing works) This is really annoying me as I don’t have a fully functional GPS, really hope that you guys can point me out in the right direction to get this resolved.

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Hello MrKiwi,

I contacted the engineer team who told me you need to call the customer service of your country. If you don’t know the number, tell me the country you live in and I’ll give you the information.


Yann & Chloe

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Hello MrKiwi,

did you ever get this resolved. I’m having the same problem.

Had same problem, had to renew subscription for TomTom Live and Connectivity which fixed it

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