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When will de My renault app with connected services be introduced in the Netherlands? september 2017 megane GT EDC with carplay.

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The app is not connected to my car so yes there is an app you can add youre car but that is it. No data visable from your car like described in chapter 5.17 in the dutch Rlink2 manual. basically the app is useless.


UK isn’t we don’t even seem to have the app on the app stores. Wonder if they are taking it away slowly…

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Danish user here. Somewhat similar issue. Seems “My Roads” must be installed on the car in R-LINK2 from r-link store. But “My Roads” are not shown in the store neither in the car or on the website.

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Hello Alderaan,

the MY Renault App is available in Netherlands, you can access it from these links :

If you have an Iphone :

If you have Android :

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Hi yes I know but this app is not connected to my car as described in chapter 5.17 of the rlink manual, the app does not anything with the car. So it is useless.
It has been announced 2 years ago that all Rlink2 cars would be connected. And still nothing in NL but france, germany, UK, begium and many other countries are connected? Why not NL