MY ROADS missing in R-Iink store

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Just received a new KADJAR BOSE EDC on january 30.

MY ROADS APP is not in the R-Link store.

Please somebody explain how to get hold of the APP and have it installed.

The guidelines in the R-Link manual is to no help.

Kind regards  kadjar-JAN2020

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My Roads unavailable

I’ve read numerous guides (*) mentioning how My Roads need to be installed on the car through the R-Link store in order to connect the car to My Renault app. But I can’t find the APP in the store – neither online nor in the car. The guides often mention it should be thereby default. But its not.

Has this been discontinued! was the response from the Renault customer support line. There is no forecast to make the application to be installed on the R-link2 available again in order to allow communication with the My Renault app …

The software version on my car is the (megane 4 grand coupé – bought new 2 month ago in PORTUGAL)


Good car … big tablet, connected services? Where ?

Obviously I am outraged by Renault’s position via “customer phone support, r-link2 line” !!!
ref: Renault Portugal 808 20 2001
ref: _00Db0cZvn._5000X27Goma: ref

I have a 2016 peugeot partner with a simple, intuitive 7 “display and connects to the my peugeot application without any difficulty and offers the same data that Renault promises, advertises and demonstrates in various videos on the website and on youtube,
but unfortunately Partnet does not have a beautiful “aquarium” application free, like the Renault …

forgetting the R-link2, i love my new megane car 2019!

Jose Pinheiro

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