Not happy with Renault

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Dear Sir/Madam,

It is very much appreciated that you have presented a very good product (Kwid Car) at a very low price in the market, and I also purchased this car with great passion. I still love this car. I have some unpleasant experiences that I want to share with you, pls take this as a serious consideration/grievance. 

On 5th Feb 2019, when I was driving nearby the home, I thought the car hit something in the bottom, only then I stopped the car on one side and looked at the bottom, I found it is leaking oil from the bottom, only then I called your road side customer care center 180030044444, your customer care suggested me not to drive the car & I did the same and began waiting of your toeing team arrival, finally your people reached that place, they completed paper work, after that your executive started & drive the car, and in some time they put the car on the crane.

In last 15 days I got only a single call from your service center (Jahangir puri – Delhi) that they are checking & will call me later but didn’t got call, on 16th Feb I had visited there, they told me that the car chamber has been damaged & will be replaced with aprx cost of 4500/- including with other service charges, I said ok, pls go ahead, you can start your repairing work.

There was still no call from that side, even after many followups work was not completed, one day a representative called me and said that its engine will be replaced, which is worth 75000/- rupees (Seventy five thousand). I was completely upset by hearing this, I did not understand what all this happened.

The first thing, I will not pay a single penny, I would appreciate it if you could organise to settling this matter amicably. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint either through the Department of Commerce or through the courts.

Vehicle Details : (Kwid Car : Kwid RXT 1.0 SCE, DL8CAP9095)

Nisar Ahmed 9871481677
Delhi India

Answered question

Hello sir,

I’m sorry to hear you have some troubles with your vehicle. Our Easy Connect forum is dedicated to the multimedia systems inside your car, and it seems that your problems aren’t related to this system in any kind.

Can I direct you to the general contact page of the Renault website ?

I hope you can solve your problems there.

Have a good day,


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