R-Link 2.2.X update to a version with mirror link

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I have a Megane manufactured at begin of 2017. Like a lot of people I want to have Android Auto on my R-Link 2. On Megane 3 with R-link 1 can be activated very easy this option. All people from Renault support told us about impossibility of mirror link for 2.2.X software because of hardware. In last month a guy from Italy can make update from 2.2.X to 3.3.X with activation of mirror link and Android Auto (Car Play doesn`t work, for hardware reason). Price for this unofficial operation is 150 Euro. I know, warranty can be canceled, but what guy can put back 2.2.X. All people who did this update does not report any issue after update. Other people from other countries report possibility of unofficial update with activation of mirror link. Why Renault prefer to lie us about impossibility of mirror link on hardware with 2.2.X? Are Renault technicians less trained than people who did not participate in the r-link system development?

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Hello Marius,

Today, it is not possible to switch between generations of R-LINK 2 (from generation 2.2.xx to 3.3.xx).

I wish you a happy new year.



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