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More than 2 weeks ago I left my Megane IV (2016 Bose Edition) at the Renault representative where I live to upgrade the R-Link 2. Something went wrong (they haven’t really explained to me what) and the car’s electronic system just locked down. It’s been like that for more than 2 weeks!! From what I’m told they have contacted Renault’s tech line of the country I live in and they couldn’t solve the problem and now they’re trying to contact the Renault tech line in France to see how to get the car working again and possibly actually update the R-Link 2 system. And it’s been 2 freaking weeks! Has this happened to anyone? Or can someone explain to me how come just getting the car’s electronics unlocked again requires such a long time?


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did you get your vehicle back in the end ? You can upgrade your R-LINK 2 software directly from this link : https://easyconnect.renault.co.uk/software-upgrade/r-link2



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