R-Link 2 Upgrade Issues

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I’ve downloaded the latest map update 2017.12 for my megane, this took over 10 hours to download (wired connection) and transfer to my usb stick, yet my download speeds were fine (linux 1.8GB distro at same time took less than 5 minutes) and so was transferring to my usb stick (2 x 900mb files took less than 3 minutes to transfer), but said it was transferred successfully to my usb stick.

Why does it take so long to download 5gb of data on a 80/20 FTTC connection, this is not just for me, but heard others having the same issues. Even my TomTom Go6200 connected via WiFi is able to download 8GB maps and install these in less time.

I then proceeded to install the update on my megane and it said it would take 35 minutes, it took 50 minutes, then failed with ‘map update, file access failed on the device’

I’m going to retry the install later today, but can anyone offer any advice, would it be better to just get renault look at it, especially as we have had some issues with the tyre pressure sensors saying no tyres, no keycard detected even though keycard available, constant stuttering with navigation, constant signal loss with dab signal, issue where we couldn’t change the temperature or airflow until we reset the unit.


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Yes the download is quiet long. It’s faster when you download early in the morning or very late in the evening. I did the test 😉

About the installation time, Indeed 55 minutes is still a very long time. Maybe it’s linked with the USB stick. Try with another usb stick that you have formatted before in FAT32. This may avoid the error at the end of the installation.

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