R-Link Bluetooth Connection Issues


Hello everyone – Just joined the forums and hoping that someone can help me out!

I bought my 2017 Megane Dynamique S-NAV a few months ago and i was using my iPhone 7 to play Spotify through the R-Link System and it worked perfectly and i could even make and receive phone calls.

I upgraded my phone to the iPhone XR but now whenever i try to play my Spotify through the R-Link system the play and pause buttons on the Spotify app change every half second as if something is stopping the music.

I have fully upgraded my R-Link system according to my VIN number from the Renault website, removed and reinstalled Spotify and even soft reset my iPhone but still no joy.

Any ideas?

R-Link software version –
IOS Version – 12.3.1

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The problem, it seemed, is an error in the Renault R-link2 firmware that do not allow iPhone users to stream music if there is no songs in the phones library (Music). You just need one song in your library then it will work.

The fastest way is to just buy a song in iTunes and then download it to the phone. It takes no more than a minute and your good to go. If you previously have bought an album etc then you may download for free again.

This is how it should look after you’ve fixed the issue – i just tried this and it solved the problem.


I can confirm having the same issue (spotify plays and pauses using bluetooth) with my iphone XR and megane 2018.

I have just updated the r-link’s system software and also updated the XR.. seems like the bug persists..

Any solution ?

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Sorry, I also can’t help but have the same issues with my 2018 Captur.  I have on iPhone XR and also only in the last month I have been having the same problems.  Although there have been consistent inconsistent issues with my R-Link for some time if that makes sense.  All updates have been done back in April and all seemed ok but suddenly now having issues with no media screen for my music over bluetooth and when people call or I call them they can’t hear me.

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Sorry, I can’t give an answer, but I can add my own issues with the same. I also have the 2017 Megane Dynamique S-NAV and for the last month or so I’ve had an intermittent problem with playing music through bluetooth.

My iPhone X connects fine and always has, but even when connected and able to take calls the car sometimes will not play media from it even though it says the media is connected. Whether I use the toggle on the arm of the steering wheel or try manually through the menu, it just doesn’t give the option. Then, when it will play, it sometimes will not change the song and so you press it a few time and then a minute or two later is skips. It also struggles to begin playing from Spotify – it will show the media screen for playing through bluetooth but won’t show any song details or start playing until you press pause/play on the phone a couple times to get it to pick it up.

I haven’t changed my phone since having the car (Sept 2017) and I’ve updated the car according to the VIN as well but still having these issues intermittently. It also seems to be happening more often too…

If anyone has had these issues and has a fix they will save my commute. I never use radio and am getting really frustrated with the R LINK not working with my phone

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