R-Link Bluetooth Connection Issues


Hello everyone – Just joined the forums and hoping that someone can help me out!

I bought my 2017 Megane Dynamique S-NAV a few months ago and i was using my iPhone 7 to play Spotify through the R-Link System and it worked perfectly and i could even make and receive phone calls.

I upgraded my phone to the iPhone XR but now whenever i try to play my Spotify through the R-Link system the play and pause buttons on the Spotify app change every half second as if something is stopping the music.

I have fully upgraded my R-Link system according to my VIN number from the Renault website, removed and reinstalled Spotify and even soft reset my iPhone but still no joy.

Any ideas?

R-Link software version –
IOS Version – 12.3.1

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Sorry, I also can’t help but have the same issues with my 2018 Captur.  I have on iPhone XR and also only in the last month I have been having the same problems.  Although there have been consistent inconsistent issues with my R-Link for some time if that makes sense.  All updates have been done back in April and all seemed ok but suddenly now having issues with no media screen for my music over bluetooth and when people call or I call them they can’t hear me.

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