R-Link disconnecting when using LG G8s ThinQ phone

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My new LG G8s ThinQ keep connecting / disconnecting the entire time. I have done all the latest updates of the R-Link firmware, but the issue still remains.  Have deleted and paired the device several times, but still the same result.

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The LG 8 Thin Q is on the supported list. Only difference between LG8 and LG8s is the screen quality. The LG in running Andriod 9, Kernel version 4.14.83 updated to the latest build PKQ1.190302.001. The R-Link is running on the latest version. The LG 8 is using Bluetooth ver 5.0. Discussing this with the local Renault call center did not resolve any of my issues. The older LG K10 works perfect . So it seems that the issue is the support from Renault on Bluetooth ver 5.0 . So the question is, when will Renault release a R-Link version that supports Bluetooth ver 5?


I possibly found a solution. Disable all data sync on your phone, messages, contacts, call history. I don’t get the dropped connection anymore…

(You don’t need this data as you can use Android auto)

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