R Link Software update.

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I am unable to open the link on our Mac pc to transfer onto a usb. How will

I get round this?

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Thanks for the line by line execution guide. Would love to see more contributions of yours to the community here.

Thanking you, fmwhatsapp

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Well, I also install this software and I am unable to open it please provide proper information how to install it. And what is the requirement for this software so I can give essay geeks review because I need it urgently to do my work as soon as possible.

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did you proceed like this ? It should work on Mac

  1. go on the following link and enter your VIN : https://easyconnect.renault.co.uk/software-upgrade/r-link-evolution
  2. If your VIN is eligible for the update, the download link should appear. Click on “Download the update” and the download will begin.
  3. Unzip the R-Link.zip file
  4. Copy the file onto a USB stick
  5. Plug the USB stick into your vehicle

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