R-Link Toolbox and Apple MacOS 10.15

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Not sure if the software version of the R-Link toolbox depends on the country you are in but on the Dutch R-Link store website I can only download a R-Link Toolbox version that is compatible with Apple MacOS 10.12. Seems like the Toolbox software hasn’t been updated the last three years but with the recent MacOS update Toolbox doesn’t work because it is a 32bit application and MaxOS now only supports 64bit. Does anyone know if Renault is preparing a 64bit version of the Toolbox software?

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Hello Siemons,

the engineer team told me that the Toolbox installation should work if you have the 1.7.3 version. There should be a warning message during the installation telling you that the application has been downloaded from a website instead of the Apple store, but you can follow through.



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Hello Yann,

Thank you for your reply. I checked the version of the R-Link Toolbox that I have currently installed and it mentions: “You are using the latest version of R-Link Toolbox ( ” . It is a completely different version as you mention.


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