R-link2 12.17 map update download failures

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I’ve been trying to download the latest maps update for my Kadjar R-Link2 repeatedly over the past 2 days with no success.

The download is extremely slow (not me I’m on 30Mb/s fibre) yesterday took 11 hours to get to 91% then an error message and red cross on Rlink 2 toolbox, I resumed and it dropped back to 60%. This morning it resumed, but failed again at 68% and then resumed from 40%. Then another error and dropped back to 11%.

What is going on Renault ??  I’ve updated my maps twice before and never so slow or with errors.

Please fix this now.

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Please check out the page Help on the website Renault EASY CONNECT: Update & Navigation.

Updating your R-LINK 2

To update your R-LINK 2 and its content (system, maps, applications):

Start by saving the data of your R-LINK 2 on a USB stick

  • In your vehicle, connect your USB stick then turn on your R-LINK. Click on “Register”.
  • Wait for two minutes then remove the USB stick: a file called "R-LINK" should have been created. N.B.: there is no message signalling that the data has been saved.

Sync the data collected (copy) on R-LINK Store

  • To sync your R-LINK Store account with your R-LINK 2, connect to your MY Renault account.
  • Click on the “R-LINK Store” icon then on the “Welcome” tab, click on “Download the R-LINK 2 software for Windows / Mac”.
  • Install the R-LINK 2 Toolbox.

Update the system and/or maps

  • In your R-LINK Store account, click on "Access updates" if this heading appears. Click on “Update”, then read the instructions.

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