renault duster prestige 1.5dci media nav version v. without android auto



I recently bought a a renault duster 1.5dci prestige from Durban South Africa and had it delivered in Cape Town South Africa where I reside.

After using the media nav for a few weeks I wondered if I could get android auto feature installed and indeed it seemed possible from the information I got from the internet.

I downloaded the renault media nav toolbox and followed all the instructions that were given to me in order to perform an upgrade. My media nav is currently upgraded to version v. but I still do not have android auto.

My question is why do I not have android auto even after upgrading the system.


Martin Maseko

Answered question

After buying Renault duster we need to fix them it helps install the android auto features. We can subscribe to this topcvwritersuk to know about more auto features and its working.

Answered question
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