Renault Grand Scenic R-Link 2 experience

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Compared to an older Renault Grand Scenic (6 years old), this navigation system still needs a few improvements before it is at the same level:

Calculating the fastest route is not correct compared to Google Maps for example, the GPS takes a much longer (in distance AND time)

Complete Freeze of the navigation guidance for several kilometers, making me miss my exit

On the screen, it shows an arrow to go right and at the same time an arrow to go left … a bit confusing

Choosing to only show Total gas stations is not very easy, you need to scroll all the way down and even then, it doesn’t show them all … not at all up to date.

The Traffic camera’s are not up to date, several months old actually

Is there going to be an update to fix all of this ?



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Hello Koen,

you can try to see if there’s a map update for your system here :

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Downloading the new map 2018.12 is waiting and failing. It takes about 5hr and at the end it fails. With my previous Espace the update takes 20 min with the Tomtom and then i have the latest maos and not the older map 2018!!!