Reverse camera stopped working

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My Renault Megane Estate has a Carminat TomTom system which als displays my reverse camera picture. Recently the system no longer switched to camera when I put the car in reverse. Dealer tells me to update the TomTom system, not the map or map info, but the actual system. Any idea on how to do this?

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To update your Carminat TomTom,

  2. Enter the serial number (ex: VF1RFA …) VIN to 17 characters of the vehicle to confirm if it qualifies for the update and to unlock the button to download the software. 
  3. Click on ‘Download TomTom Home’ to be redirected to the TomTom website; 
  4. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the computer and follow the steps to download the system update. 
  5. Once update is done, insert the SD card into the navigation device of the vehicle and wait for the prompt displaying the new version number. 
  6. Once prompted, click the green button to install the update.  
  7. Update might take a few minutes. Do not remove the SD card until the update terminates. 
  8. Once update is done, Carminat TomTom will reboot. 

However, if the update was not successful, you have the possibility to receive an SD card for free with the update already installed for your Carminat TomTom 

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