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Hi Team,

I have a 2017 Kadjar Signature Nav TCe 130 Auto EDC which I bought a few months ago. Recently I hired a Clio that had a reversing camera and loved the camera, so much better than the sensors display.

I would like to have a camera fitted to my Kadjar, my dealer can order the camera, easy to fit, I know the R-Link 2 needs to be recoded, not so easy, but I expect the wiring to be a time consumer. Unless the existing wiring loom already includes the appropriate cables, in which case the job is a doddle.

Can anyone tell me if the loom does have the cable already?

Thanks, Rob

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I did ask customer service, they had no idea.


Hello, I’m not sure about the question you have regarding the wiring and R-LINK 2. Maybe try to contact your customer service to find more ?

If you reside in the UK, here is the number to call : 0344 369 0000*

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Thanks Yann, already tried that, they have no idea. Rob