Sat nav disc error

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Hi. I have a 2007 renault grand scenic with the gos disc reader under the passanger seat. And for the last 3 months it doesnt load the map. It only comes: Disc error. Please check the disc. In the display. Anybody that have had the same issue? What could be wrong? I have tried to clean the lens. But no luck.

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Hello Kalle,

have you tried to put your sat nav data on a SD card instead of a disc ? It could solve your issue.

How is the disc reader connected to your system ? What’s your current system ? It could help knowing that.

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I cant put my sat nav data on a sd card. Beacuse i only have the disc reader under the passanger seat to get my gps working. If i have had a card reader i would have used that instead. It is connected to the head unit radio system and the joystick system. I have the carminat system.