Scenic IV Hybrid Assist – R-Link 2 upgrade from 3.x to 7.x or better?

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first of all excuse my bad english, I’m from Italy.

I’ve a Scenic IV – Bose – Hybrid Assist of November 2017 with R-Link version and, for several problems encountered occasionally (bluetooth disconnecting, black screens, very low volume) I wish I could upgrade it to, at least, version 7.x or later.

I went to two different car workshops (official Renault) in my town but, even by contacting Renault Italy, it seems there is no such possibility. It seems strange to me because, other Italian users, have received the update from 3.x to 7.x or even to 8.x and another user, with my same engine (mild hybrid), already has the 7.x Obviously the official updates on the Renault site have already been done, but I never exceed the

Whether you know, is there any hope of being able to update it? Some users have said that there should be this possibility from January, for everyone, to upgrade…do you know if it’s true?

Thanks to everyone who can help me!


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Hello rickpmg,

here is a link that could help you to upgrade your system :

I put it in italian.

Hope it helps,


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