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I have the carminat Tomtom system, the maps are on a SD card, date of registration for the car is 01/09/2010, Renault Clio, I have entered the vehicle Vin number on your system, it says Your system does not require any updates.

But on the the letter Renault have sent out it says urgent software update for the Carminat Nav system ( WNRO ).

Could you clarify if this needs the update.

Thank You.

Mr L Barker.

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The deadline for submitting applications for vocational training opened yesterday and will run until July 8. The procedures may be carried out in the educational centers themselves or through the page of the Ministry of Education.
The changes in the evaluation by the covid-19 shoot up the numbers of barbanzanos in the ABAUFor the third year in a row, the institutes of the region have again seen an increase in the number of students who will take the entrance exam to the university, the ABAU, with a total of 496. This time the increase has been much greater-last year It grew in 25 and this in 91- and for a clear reason, the convulsive end of the year that led to the covid-19 crisis and the changes in evaluation methods, both in high school and in the selectivity exam itself. Broadly speaking they introduce more facilities for students. Although there have been cases of centers that will take fewer young people than in the previous selectivity, this is because this time they had fewer enrollments in the second year of high school. The increase is also due to the increase in students from other years who will show up to grade. Most centers agree that what will happen from July 7 “is a mystery”, as noted in the IES O Son.

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