Speed Camera and Live traffic

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I’ve just found and joined this forum and have a question.

I pick up my Renault Megane 1.3 TCE GT Line this week and wondered if the Satnav system comes with speed cameras and live traffic pre installed?

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Hello Darkside,

what’s the current Satnav on your Megane ? Depending which one you have, you can access various options.



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Hi Yann sorry I’ve only just seen your reply, I didn’t get a notification.
Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Anyway It did come with live updates and speed cameras 🙂

I do have a minor niggle though and its this:-

When I’ve been listening to my usb flash drive and leave the car, when I return and restart it doesn’t always go back to the flash drive, it sometimes just goes back to the last radio station I had been listening to.

I have the flash drive plugged in to the left hand usb socket just under the unit.