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My r-link 2 subscription has expired how do I renew it ?

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Here is how you can add content to your R-LINK 2 :

To add free or paid-for content for your R-LINK 2 (services, applications, maps):

STAGE 1 – Choice of application on the “MY Renault” account

  • Access your MY Renault account, click on “R-LINK Store” then select the tab “Catalogue”.
  • Once the application has been chosen, click on “Buy” (if the application is not free) or on “Details” (if the application is free).
  • When the pop-up window opens, click again on “Buy”. The application will appear under the “Update” tab: click on this tab.

STAGE 2 – Save your R-LINK 2 data on a USB stick

  • In your vehicle, connect a FAT32 format USB stick (minimum 8 GB) to R-LINK 2.
  • Turn R-LINK 2 on and wait for a minute. N.B.: there is no message telling you that the data has been saved.

STAGE 3 – Synchronisation of the application on the R-LINK 2 Toolbox

  • From your computer, insert the USB stick with the copy of the vehicle’s data, then click on the vehicle on the top right of the R-LINK 2 Toolbox in order to check that it is correctly recognised, then click on “Back” to access downloads.
  • Select and then launch your downloads and make sure that the computer does not go into stand-by mode during this operation.
  • Once the download has been completed and approved, remove the USB stick.
  • In your vehicle, start the engine and insert the USB stick. Turn on R-LINK 2 and the installation of the new content will start automatically. During the installation, do not remove the USB stick and leave the engine on.



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