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I have checked the 6th April upgrade for my Renault Zoe and the system tells me that I do not need an upgrade.  However, the time has stopped working.  I don\’t seem to be able to set it manually.  How do I make the time work again?

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I have exactly the same issue for my 265. Website says I don’t need an update but my clock has stopped working.

I now have the solution. I had miss typed the VIR number, message incorrectly said that I did not need an upgrade. After speaking to the support people, sorted this out and managed to complete the download. Then USB stick did not work and had to try another one which did work. Upgraded Ok but reboot caused system to freeze. Left for about 20 minutes which seemed to reset the system. Now working fine.


Hi, my Megane III has the same problem. Yesterday I lost the opportunity to set time.

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