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I want to renew my expired Tom Tom Live which was active when i bought my used scenic in June 2019 its a 2014 model however Tom Tom say its not possible to renew after I had purchased the package on line they inform me that Vodafone will have ceased the sim in the car and its not possible as the vehicle has not taken up the service previously however it was working when i bought the car and the sat nav system kept asking me to renew until it expired it was working.can you help?

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TomTom Live is another service independant from yout Renault Multimedia system. You can try to find some help here :

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Hello Chloe, Sorry but your response is totally not correct to us as customers. We are trying to renew our abonnement trough the Rlink web store – AND IT IS NOT possible. Please do not send us to search for help from other sites as you are the SPOC for us and not the others. Please for your feedback.
Thank you.

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