Unable to connect to multimedia via the USB or blutooth for Iphone X – 12.2 IOS version



I am the owner of Renault Kadjar-2016 which is having RLINK 2 Device(Updated the RLINK software to latest version(,

Blutooth pairing and USB connectivity was working fine until I have upgraded IOS version 11.2.

after updating the IOS version to the latest versions it stopped working, When I try to connect via the USB- USB connectivity was showing in the display but it is greyed out(Unable to select) and same via the blutooth(I am able to pair up the device) but when I try to play songs using youtube app in the phone it is not working.

I am able to call and receive the calls via the blutooth, Only problem is with multimedia – USB connection and blutooth connections are disabled when trying to play songs via the IOS device(Iphone X, Version 12.2),

Any advise on how to play songs using Iphone X youtube App in my Kadjar speakers?

Thanks in advance.

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you can verify the compatibility of your phone with your system here : https://easyconnect.renault.co.uk/phone-pairing

Our team of engineers is work hard to make the latest iOs versions compatibles.



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