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Dear Sir

I recently bought a Renault Duster 2. and I discovered that the MediaNav Evolution 1  version is 9.1.3 which is based on Windows embedded CE.6 ,I have been looking around to see if I can get Android Auto to work on my Multimedia system, however, it seems that the MediaNav Evolution v2 is the only way for me to get Android Auto.

Is there a way I can upgrade my current MediaNav Evolution system (version 1 or system version 9.1.3) to the v2?


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you have to understand that runs on a completely different operating system even if the screen looks identical to the evolution 9.1.3. runs on evolution 2 – evolution 2 radio has a linux operating system (as opposed to old windows wince 6.0 system on evolution 9.1.3)

Evo 2 has a much better/faster processor along with linux and also has a different better more responsive newer technology touchscreen (with multi-touch) much like all the latest touchscreen mobile phones and tablets

This is why some versions can run carplay and android auto (in some countries/versions it is still disabled by default and needs to be enabled by programming the unit, say with a program like DDT4ALL and a specially wired ODB2 adaptor and pugged into the CAN/odb2 socket inside the car)

This is my understanding – so sorry if I give false information but I am almost sure I am correct.

There is this USB dongle that works on WinCE 9.1.3 evolution to use carplay and android auto apparently. I havent got one and I wouldnt have a clue how to use it/load the software but here is the ebay link for it:

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