Whats wrong with R-Plug& Radio+ media system

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I bought a second hand Scenic dCi 1.5 (110bhp) – Mark 3 2014.

The media system is behaving weirdly but since finding it and searching on-line for a solution its not unique to this car.  So What’s wrong?

It’s described as R-Plug&Radio+.

The audio goes silent or sometimes is silent from switching on.

I find its most relaible if switcehd on before the ignition, it stays on when the car is started but then has shown to go off after 30-40 mins driving.  Mosly when the Ignition is switched on first, the media player cannot be heard at all (whatever the source or whatever the volument setting).  These seems to be a common problem so I’m guessing after 5 years there’s a fix. But where?

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Hello tjb,

do you have a multimedia system alongside your R-Plug&Radio+ ?

It could be an update issue, but for R-Plug & Radio+ the update can only be done at your local dealer.

Hope it helps,


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