Which version of R-Link do I have??


Hi, I am a proud owner of a new Kadjar and now busy with the (system) updates.

Can you you tell me please which version of r-link do I have?  I see Boot version 5615. Display is the landscape variety.

It is over three years old and the navigation requires updating (now – which will be my next question.

I have done the USB car read and PC write, but not yet plugged it into the Kadjar to update.

I was under the impression that NAV updates after three years have to be paid for (fair enough) but it’s not quite clear to me where you do this.

Any help/advice appreciated.


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Since this posting, I have discovered how to obtain a map and the Rlink 2 toolbox is installed. Although I see system/Coyote updates etc, there is no Tom-Tom connect update showing ready to download although I have paid for this.Does it take time to filter through the system??


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To find the software version of your R-LINK Evolution system. In the main menu of R-LINK Evolution, choose the “system” menu. Go to screen 2 of the system menu and click on “Status and information”. Click “Version Information” at the top of the screen.

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Hi Alex,

Your R-LINK 2 can be updated to the version To update your R-LINK 2:

  • Go on the site Renault EASY CONNECT https://easyconnect.renault.com/, chose your country, go to ‘Help’ -> ‘System updates’-> Scroll down and click on ‘R-LINK 2 update’ -> Enter your VIN to check if your system needs to be updated
  • Download the update file on your computer: Unzip and copy the R-LINK folder onto the USB key at the root. Keep the R-LINK folder exactly as it is. Don’t rename the folder nor install the software in another location on the USB stick.

In your car:

  • Start the engine and check that your R-LINK 2 system is on.

Don’t turn off your R-LINK 2 system. Leave your vehicle stationary with the engine running for the duration of the installation operation.

  • Plug in your USB stick. The software on your USB stick will be automatically detected after 3 minutes.
  • Please respect the order of execution. Indeed, the USB stick will not be detected by R-LINK 2 if it is inserted before starting the vehicle engine.
  • Installation can take up to 10 minutes. For security reasons, it is best to do it at a standstill.
  • Rear camera and parking aid sensor will neither be available
  • You can double check if the software has installed correctly Menu->System->System Information. The version’s number

is indicated at the time of the download.

  • You can remove the USB key “at the end of the procedure. Your vehicle is now up to date.


the last version available is 2017/06, you can update it in R-LINK Store.

Yes, after 3 years, you should pay for the connected services.

For the map update, please follow the procedure below:

• Go to MY Renault account (https://www.renault.co.uk/login-registration.html)  and enter your “R-Link Store” from “My vehicle”;
• Click on “Catalog”, then “Category” and “Cartographies”;
• Click on the map you want;

• Press “Buy” and choose a payment method “;
• Enter the details of your credit card and validate the purchase;
• Insert the SD card of your R-Link into the computer and launch the R-Link Toolbox application.
• Next, on R-Link Toolbox, tap “Launch my downloads”, and wait for the green check mark.
• Once the download has been made, or if no update has been offered, return to “R-Link Store”
> “My products” and press the “Manage my products” button.
• On the “SD Card” line, tap “Manage”;
• Check the latest map version available, press “Synchronize”;
• Once done, go back to R-Link Toolbox and once again press the “Start My Downloads” button, and wait for the green check mark.
• When downloads have been made, remove your SD card, return to your vehicle and:
– Insert the SD card into your R-LINK 2 (screen on);
– Turn on the system;
– Updates should be done automatically.
Note: Please keep your vehicle’s engine running for the duration of the installation.
• If your navigation system screen turns off during the process, please wait a few minutes. Do not interrupt the procedure. Restarting the system is part of the installation process. Once this procedure is complete, you will be in possession of the new mapping version for your R-LINK 2.

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