Why is the setup file RLink2Toolbox-latest.exe, not allowed by VC?

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I think I may have answered my problem after checking with Microsoft.

Whenever I tried to install the Tool Box on my PC, I got a box saying I hadn’t the correct authority for the file or path. This was despite that I could edit documents, rename pictures and run other installations from the same directory. Technical support also pulled their hair out trying to work out what was happening. All the permissions were correct in the file and nothing appeared to be out of order.

Checking with the Microsoft sight from a Bing search, steered me towards checking what my VC was doing. I use Kaspersky Total Security and there is the App Control panel, I found that RLink2Toolbox-latest.exe wasn’t “allowed”. So I virus checked it and then allowed it. Success. and I’m now updating my maps etc

So, the question is, What in that setup file triggered that response from Kaspersky? And, am I alone in experiencing this?.

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